Sleepypod®, a Pasadena-based company known for re-inventing pet products through innovative design, today announces its Clickit Sport dog safety harness is the first product to meet the new critical guidelines set by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) in its precedent-setting Harness Certification Program. Clickit Sport earned a five star crash test rating, the highest possible rating, in three size categories: small, medium, and large.

The Center for Pet Safety Harness Certification is the first formal crash test rating system for pet travel harnesses. Manufacturer participation in the program is voluntary. Ratings consist of five star, four star, and not recommended ratings. View the CPS crash test of the large size Clickit Sport harness here:

“The Center for Pet Safety is pleased to award the first five star crash test rating to Clickit Sport,” says Lindsey Wolko, founder of Center for Pet Safety. “Few manufacturers demonstrate the commitment to product safety testing that we have seen from Sleepypod. Theirs is a landmark achievement for pets and the people who love them. Congratulations to the Sleepypod team for this achievement. We hope to see more safety harness manufacturers follow their lead.”

“Clickit Sport is packed with state of the art technology that is the result of a dedicated and intensive engineering effort by Sleepypod’s design team to keep larger pets safe when traveling in cars,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer. “The Center for Pet Safety awarded Five Star Rating to Clickit Sport is a meaningful validation of Sleepypod’s steadfast commitment to pet travel safety innovation.”

Testing and evaluation methods by CPS to determine harness safety included measurement of canine excursion, hardware/webbing migration, and hardware/stitching integrity. The test protocol, which is a result of the 2013 Harness Crashworthiness Study conducted by Center for Pet Safety, outlines a consistent test methodology and evaluation program to ensure pet safety harness restraints offer crash protection. It is the first scientific approach to pet product safety in the U.S. market.

“The Center for Pet Safety took great care evaluating the data returned from our 2013 study to understand what safety harness products should do to protect life,” says Wolko. “Pet product manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that these safety devices protect human life and provide the best chance of survival to the pet in the case of an accident.” Additional information about the Center for Pet Safety and its Harness Certification Program is available online at