What is CinergE Animal Communication? CinergE is an energetic healing modality that can be applied to all living beings. Cindy Brody began working with this healing energy at the age of 9, when she realized she could tame a wild barn kitten with the heat in her hands. For over 30 years, she has been teaching people how to recognize and develop their innate intuition and use their energy to heal themselves and their animals. Cindy is a Reiki Master, teacher, author and Animal Communicator who has devoted her life to saving animals from being re-homed or placed into shelters.

Working professionally with show horses, cats and dogs, Cindy uses the same kind of skills she employs with humans. Her goal is to change the world with touch and intuition. She’s an inspiring, invigorating, no-nonsense and lighthearted teacher with vast experience and enthusiasm.

Cindy lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, and travels all over the country teaching and working with horses, dogs, cats, and the people who love them. Her clients are often surprised about the detailed things that their pets reveal, things that could not be known otherwise by someone outside the home. Email Cindy@CindyBrody.com or visit www.cindybrody.com to make an appointment or learn more.