As dog owners, we wanted to solve a commonly overlooked but critically important wellness issue for dogs – HEAT. The dangers of heat, whether thru activity or the environment, are very real and something our furry friends are not well equipped to deal with naturally.  Each year countless dogs succumb to heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke. Our mission is to help our animals regulate their body temperature by developing a tool that provides a longer term solution rather than simply laying on a cool tile floor or in the shade. So, we created the patent protected technology now known as the Chillspot Cooling Station.
Chillspot is effective in providing dogs with one of the ways dogs can regulate their own temperature, conductive cooling. For dogs, this is laying their sparsely haired abdomen on a cool surface. Unlike the chill mats/pads and vests that begin to lose effectiveness quickly and are susceptible to tearing, leaking or chewing, Chillspot is very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors while providing relief from the heat for hours. Once trained, you can comfortably leave your dog for extended periods knowing they have a retreat from the heat. Chillspot uses basic thermodynamics with three simple components, the base, tile and Chillpod, which provide your pet with an escape from the heat when they need it most.
So, whether your dog is a working dog, active or just likes to keep cool, Chillspot is intended to be your pets long lasting retreat from the heat.