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Check Out These Super Hip Doggie-Human Duos

Human & Hound is a photographic celebration of a bond like none other

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New York, mecca of culture and style, finally has someone shining a deserved spotlight on the city's best canine and human friendships. Robert Stoetzel, a Brooklyn-based photographer, recently made the transition from human photography to the wonderful world of dog and pet photography, finding himself drawn to the unique bonds between dogs and their people. Taking to the streets of New York City, Robert is continually on the lookout for inseparable pairs to photograph, beautifully capturing the deep relationship between humansand their canine companions. Packed with style and personality, the diverse range of photos showcase some of our very favourite things: street fashion, photography, and the Big Apple. Check out Robert’s work at or follow @human_and_hound on Instagram for a fascinating glimpse into the lives of interesting New Yorkers and their adorable pups.

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