Over 20 years ago Charlee Bear set out to develop a delicious, healthy, natural, low calorie dog treat. They were thinking of their own dogs and wanted a treat that could be used frequently for training or  just to say "I love you."  So Charlee Bear Dog Treats were created and they became pioneers in healthy, natural dog treats.

With the help of veterinarians, food scientists, bakers, trainers, people and dogs, Charlee Bear used simple, wholesome ingredients to create a low calorie treat that could be given frequently without weight gain. They believe in the importance of the human canine bond and believe their treats give people a way to interact with their dogs, to strengthen the bond, work on training, and just have fun!

As time went by their loyal fans started to ask for a Grain Free version of the original Charlee Bear Treats and in response they introduced Grain Free BEAR CRUNCH in 2014.  BEAR CRUNCH comes in three great flavors: Chicken, Apple, & Pumpkin Bacon & Blueberry and Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry.  We stuck with simple, natural, real food ingredients, real meat, fruits and veggies. Even senior dogs are finding BEAR CRUNCH easy to eat. Their Grain Free Treats are pocket-perfect, so keep some at hand! With no stains or smells, they will always be handy for walks and outings and, of course, just to say "I love you."

Check out www.charleebear.com or facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CharleeBear/ for more information!