Rumors are true. The popularity and attention lavished on Doll Favorite has very nearly led to her demise.

Yesterday I told you about her head popping off. Thank goodness that was
easy to fix.

But most of my nine cats grew interested in her once I set her apart for photographs and special attention. Jealousy took root, and they all began to fight for Doll. As you can see, she has reached status beyond Doll Favorite – she’s Favorite Toy. When one cat lets her go, it isn’t long before another pounces and picks her up for playtime.

All the tomcat action has left poor Doll looking like a heavy metal groupie at a Motley Crue concert.

Little C has decided Doll can be replaced for now, but I have a feeling she’ll go searching for her once night falls.


Little C placates herself with someone new as Doll carouses with the other cats.