My dogs are just so dang smart! When I get home everyday, I find Cash waiting eagerly for my arrival at the front door. I’ve always assumed that he made his way to the door once he heard my car pull into the garage, however yesterday Jeremy advised me that wasn’t the case.

Apparently Cash doesn’t get off the couch at all from the time Jeremy gets home (about two hours before me) until 10 minutes before I arrive. Once the clock hits 6:50, Jer said that Cash gets up off the couch and slowly makes his way to the front entry where he settles in to wait for me.

How cute is that?!? I didn’t think dogs had a very good sense of time which is why they get so upset when you leave. Apparently I was wrong and Cash knows to expect me at 7:00 on the dot each day. I’m going to get him a watch to make this process easier as I don’t ever want him to be late for our evening reunions.