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Bully For You

Get to know these six beautiful breeds.

By: Melissa Bar

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Bull Terrier

The American Kennel Club describes the lovable Bull Terrier as
a “three-year-old child in a dog suit.” The breed’s muscular body
and distinct egg-shaped head belie an exceedingly friendly and
fun-loving disposition. Sweet, playful, and high on the intelligence
meter, the breed is popular in agility and show rings, as well as
being a loyal companion and family member. Hollywood is also
a fan: BTs have starred in family-friendly hits such as Toy Story
and Babe: Pig in the City. Obedience training, exercise, and a lot
of companionship are required to keep the Bull Terrier stimulated
and happy. The breed generally adores kids but its rambunctious,
“class clown” behaviour means care should be taken to ensure
the BT doesn’t get too rowdy for smaller children.

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Popular narcotics and explosives detection
dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier’s
easy athleticism and high intelligence
mean it also excels in agility and dog
sports. Its distinct, sturdy head may
appear fearsome to some, but a loyal
and friendly demeanor lies beneath the
short, smooth coat. APBTs are extremely
devoted to their owners and usually
friendly to strangers. The breed’s bad rap
stems from its popularity in illegal dog
fighting rings, but there is nothing inherently
dangerous about these dogs—quite
the opposite. They are excellent family
members, as their many devotees will
attest. Like many breeds, they require
obedience training and early socialization
by an experienced guardian. While
the American Pit Bull Terrier is officially
recognized by the United Kennel Club,
the American Kennel Club has yet to
follow suit.

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American Bulldog

Contrary to its name, this sturdy, muscular
breed hails from England. A working
dog, it was originally bred to drive cattle
and guard the farm, protective instincts
you can still see in the breed. Unfortunately,
the breed’s courage, athleticism,
and familiarly with livestock led it to be
favoured in the brutal sport of bullbaiting.
The outlawing of this barbaric
sport allowed the breed to return to
its all-purpose work heritage as well
its most common role today—that of
beloved family pet. American Bulldogs
are happy, confident, loving, fearless,
and exceedingly loyal to their guardians.
They are known to interact well
with children and other pets, especially
when socialized early, and their short
coat makes grooming a breeze.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Don’t let the Staffordshire’s athletic
frame and tenacious attitude fool you;
this affectionate breed has a special affinity for children, making it an excellent
family dog. Thought to be one of the first
bull and terrier crosses, it was bred in
19th century Staffordshire, England, for
coal miners who wanted a small, fast
dog. Extremely intelligent, courageous,
obedient, and strong for its size, the
Staffordshire Bull Terrier flourishes in
agility and show rings. While the breed is
sweet-tempered and possesses a sense
of humour, it is also strong and determined
and thus requires an experienced
owner who can train with a fi rm yet
gentle hand. The Staffordshire enjoys
daily exercise and sturdy chew toys to
exercise its strong jaws.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

The AmStaff might just be the “All American
pet”—just think of Petey from Our
Gang and The Little Rascals. Symbolizing
courage and bravery, AmStaffs were
also the face of war posters in early
20th century America. Sadly, the current
inclination to shy away from members of
the Bully family has buried the AmStaff’s
family-friendly rep, and unjustly so. The
American Staffordshire Terrier is active
and affectionate, even towards strangers.
This stocky, medium-sized breed with the
strong head has come a long way from its
roots in bullbaiting, using its strength to
excel in obedience, agility, and tracking
instead. A keen family member, loyal and
people-oriented, the AmStaff loves to
be part of a family and will protect them
from any perceived threat accordingly.
AmStaffs love to be given a job to do, and
regular exercise and training are a must.

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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier
Named for its birth place, the Boston
Terrier was bred in the stables of
Boston, Massachusetts, as a fi ghting
dog following the American Civil War.
Despite its pugilistic origins, the Boston
is known as the “American Gentlemen,”
not only for its tuxedo-like colouring, but
for its friendly disposition. The result of
a cross between an English Bulldog and
a white English Terrier, the Boston is
highly intelligent and easy to train. This
lively, well-mannered breed makes an
excellent household pet, getting along
with other pets and children alike, but
does enjoy regular exercise.

Other members of the Bully Breed family
that may surprise you:

French Bulldog


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By: Melissa Bar
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