The spring/summer weather here in Vancouver has definitely
been a disappointment thus far – cool temperatures, grey skies and lots of rain
so I haven’t been motivated till recently to get my bike tuned up so that I can
start cycling to work, joining other early risers who opt to travel to work on two wheels,
rather than four.  Since I’ll be bringing my dog Penny on the
ride, I’ve been researching various ways to safely bring her along and found an interesting option – Buddy Rider. A welcome addition to the pet/bicycling scene, this petseat, rather than being mounted
behind you, or on the handlebars, is positioned between the seat
post of your bike and the handlebar stem thereby allowing you to keep an eye on
your canine pal whilst positioning his/her weight over the center of the
bicycle, making for a safer, more stable ride. I’ve seen human children travelling on their parent’s bikes this way, and thanks to Buddy Rider, now we pet parents
have a similar option. Check it out below:


Photo: courtesy of Buddy Rider

Buddyrider is designed for dogs weighing up to 13.5 kg (30 lbs) and to fit bicycles with at least 48 cm (19") between the seat post and the handlebar stem.