The iconic Buddy Belt is the harness that hugs your dog. Its comfortable fit wraps around his body, just like a hug. This dog harness has been a symbol of luxury for dogs and their owners around the globe for over a decade. The distinctive BB logo is easily recognizable and synonymous with safety, quality and durability.

Paralleling the popularity and success of the original design, the BB2 is the brand new Buddy Belt made from synthetic leather. Designed to appeal to a wider market, this product is targeted towards small to medium sized dogs, offering a select size and colour range. It is for conservative consumers who can appreciate the quality and health benefits offered by the original Buddy Belt, without sacrificing the functional or fashionable aspects of the luxury harness.  The new logo blends design elements from the original logo creating a distinctive, yet familiar brand for the new BB2. It uses the same quality, metal hardware and durable stitching found on the harnesses that dog owners have come to know and love. The reliability of the construction is accented by the colour matched edging and signature bone charm that adds a touch of fun. Without compromising quality, it’s the economical choice that’s priced to work with any budget. BB2 harnesses are offered at a fraction of the price, 40% less expensive than the Original Buddy Belt.

The functional design lets your dog step in easily and fastens with one buckle. The stylish harness has a unique, low-cut patented design that ensures pressure is minimized on your dog’s neck and spine. No more choking! The BB2 will keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

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