April 1, 2017


Dogs add so much to our lives – companionship, love, protection and now a youthful glow! While studying the antibacterial properties of dog saliva, scientists believe they have discovered the enzyme responsible for an age-defying complexion. Dr. Pupopolous at the Athena University of Veterinary Orthodontics was testing the properties of the enzyme lysozyme, when he noticed something remarkable, “The enzymes broke through the cell walls and just started plumping! Plumping the mitochondria!” Mitochondria are known as the battery of cells and are responsible for keeping skin smooth, supple and wrinkle free. Something to keep in mind the next time your dog comes in for a kiss! Further studies are underway, but cosmetic companies are already clamoring to be the first in line with age-defying creams and lotions utilizing this super-enzyme. Stay tuned for more to come on this ground-breaking topic 



Happy April Fool's Day!