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Bookish Pups

Even these dogs are bookworms!

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It's getting cold outside, but these doggies love snuggling up with a good book! – ERM


1) Amber

Is that Harry Potter that Amber is reading? It sure looks like it with those owlish glasses! – Submitted  anonymously


2) Maggie

Cute Maggie the Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd cross is really getting into her latest novel! – Submitted by Lauren


3) Baloo

Baloo the yorkie is crazy adorable! His book looks like a good one, too. – Submitted by Mei-Ann


4) Hope

Beautiful Westie Hope checks out a book. – Submitted by Lisa W


5) Kilo

Kilo the yellow lab is so into this book that he's got out his highlighter! – Submitted by Maureen


6) Atticus

Atticus the blue chihuahua loves reading books! – Submitted by Joshua S


7) Bailey

Bailey the Boston Terrier checks out the book "What Dogs Teach Us". Wonder what he thinks of it? – Submitted by Sloan O


8) Kona

Kona the Catahoula Leopard/Black Lab cross catches up on her reading on Dog Tricks. – Submitted by Brian V


9) Henry

Henry the Golden stayed up a little too late getting some reading done, and had to break for a snooze! – Submitted by Beth

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