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Good Dog:

A Collection of Portraits

Randal Ford

Award-winning photographer Randal Ford’s latest book, Good Dog, is a stunning collection of flawless dog portraits that manage to capture just what it is we love about dogs. Photos of 150 canines, from mutts to show dogs, highlight the rich diversity of our canine companions and convey the warmth, humour, and intelligence we see in our canine friends.  

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A Traitor to His Species:

Henry Bergh and the Birth of the Animal Rights Movement

Ernest Freeberg

Dive into the incredible true story of activist Henry Bergh and the work he did in Gilded Age America to lay the foundation for animal advocacy, shaping our modern relationship with animals. Award-winning historian Ernest Freeberg’s latest book provides a fascinating and entertaining look at the birth of the animal rights movement, capturing the gritty, dangerous streets and outlandish characters (Gangs! Robber barons! P.T. Barnum!), bringing to life the remarkable story of a man that gave voice to the voiceless.  

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Walter Chandoha

Dubbed the 20th century’s greatest pet photographer, Walter Chandoha is widely considered the father of modern pet photography. You can see why in Dogs, a new book of his collected dog photography, featuring over 60 breeds. These peerless photographs, dating from 1941 to 1991, capture not only the breadth of Chandoha’s remarkable work, but our enduring relationship with dogs through a historic lens.

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Live Vibrantly!

With L.J. and Her Dog George Eliot

L.J. Rohan

To quote Live Vibrantly, “you’re never too old to act young and have fun!” Author L.J Rohan, a gerontologist, shares wisdom and tips on aging gracefully, happily, and healthily in this utterly charming illustrated book. In sharing experiences from her own journey with her adorable Havanese, George Eliot, as she navigates life after fifty, L.J. Rohan wants people to view aging as an empowering, positive, and natural part of life; her inspiring book does just that!

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Dog Vacations

Carolyn West Meyer

Pack your bags and tag along on this entertaining vacation! Join Carolyn, Kel and their rescue dogs Bea and B.B. on four exciting road trips across the United States. These wanderlust inspiring stories perfectly capture the adventures, challenges, and humour that accompany travels with dogs.