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Henry: The Queen’s Corgi

Georgie Crawley

Have you ever wanted to live like royalty? Or perhaps you dream of being welcomed into the royal family itself! This is exactly what happens to Henry the Corgi, who goes missing on a family trip to London, England. Henry’s family, the Walkers, fear the worst, but Henry is actually living the good life—he’s been mistaken for a royal Corgi, belonging to none other than the Queen of England herself! Initially, Henry thinks it’s fantastic to be showered with luxuries at Buckingham Palace but as Christmas nears, Henry finds he’d rather spend the holidays with his family than be pampered like a royal. Georgie Crawley’s hilarious novel Henry the Queen’s Corgi is a delight that brings holiday cheer!

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The Dog Who Came for Christmas

Sue Pethick

What can bring people together at Christmas better than a dog? Single mother Renee Richardson has a long list of worries before lost dog Max comes into her life. She needs more clients at her hair salon, she can’t find a compatible date, and her troubled young son is in need of new friends. With the arrival of Max, however, Renee’s life is turned upside down. But as Christmas nears, the whole family bonds with the lovable dog and are growing attached… until the previous owner shows up. Handsome and kind, Travis Diehl is the first man Renee has felt a connection to since her divorce. Unfortunately, he also attracts the attention of Renee’s most important client. Filled with romance, drama, and family love, The Dog Who Came For Christmas is a fun, light-hearted read that will give you warm fuzzies.

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Noelle: a Novel

Greg Kincaid

Greg Kincaid, the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog Named Christmas, returns with a heartwarming new novel, Noelle, perfect for cozying up as snow falls outside your window. This wonderful, seasonal story is about family and tradition, and a very special, spirited dog that brings everything together. Set in rural Kansas during the holidays, Noelle tells the tale of three different families who, despite facing different challenges, are unexpectedly brought together just in time for Christmas. This heart-string-pulling story explores the deeply relatable trials and tribulations that families can face, especially during the holiday season. Guaranteed to give you warm, fuzzy feelings!

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Hello, My Name is Oliver

Paymaneh Ritchie

Children and grown-ups will love the perfectly imperfect Oliver, a black Beagle/Spaniel-cross adopted from the SPCA. Olvier has a few issues—like loneliness, anxiety, depression, and a lack of self-esteem—that make his adjustment to his new forever home a little difficult at first. But through love, compassion, tolerance, patience, and flexibility, Oliver’s humans help him settle in and learn they aren’t too different from each other—we are all perfectly imperfect! Bound to be a bedtime favourite.

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JJ’s Journey: A Story of Heroes and Heart

Tracy Calhoun

This heart-melting memoir from Tracy Calhoun, a hospice nurse, relates the moving moments she’s experienced working alongside the incredibly bright and sensitive therapy dog, JJ. When a video of the Golden Retriever comforting a comatose patient in her final hours was viewed by tens of millions of viewers worldwide, Calhoun realized she had an opportunity to show even more people the joy and comfort that a therapy dog can bring in the face of tragedy and loss. Her beautiful memoir hands-down succeeds in demonstrating the amazing power of dogs and how living in an open-hearted way transforms lives.

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Rover: Wagmore Edition

Andrew Grant

We’re here to tell you your coffee table is not complete without a book of strikingly beautiful dog portraits from Andrew Grant. The back story: In 2009, Andrew began taking pictures of both homeless and rescued pups after learning about the millions of dogs that enter animal shelters each year, many of which never make it out. His project turned into a series of limited-edition books, the first four of which raised nearly two million dollars for shelter dogs. (The premier book caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres!) This, the Rover: Wagmore Edition, is the fifth in the series. Some of the dogs included have owners who made a generous donation to have their dogs featured in the book; other pups showcased are still looking for a home. Andrew photographs the dogs without collars or accessories in order to put focus on the eyes, and the result is clear, detailed, and lifelike portraits of dogs—both purebred and mixes—that give you a moving glimpse of their individual personalities. Each of the previous four books are now sold out and can fetch up to $400 if you can find one, so you’ll want to hurry and get your paws on this one, featuring 360 of the most beautiful dog photographs you’ve ever seen, before it also disappears!

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Dog Stories For the Soul

Mardi Allen

Sit back, relax, and prepare to be regaled with dog tales from some of the greats. This collection of stories represents the best dog stories ever told by some of Americas most talented writers (including Steinbeck and Twain). The stories are inspirational, humorous, adventuresome, revealing, and filled with examples of mutual love and devotion. You will laugh, cry, and be filled with love for all things dog after reading this moving anthology.

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Craig & Fred

Craig Grossi

This true story of a man and his dog will uplift and inspire with its message of the power of love and its ability to change lives. Sergeant Craig Grossi was doing intelligence work for Marine RECON—the most elite fighters in the Corps—in a remote part of Afghanistan when he met Fred. With the help of many friends, Craig was able to keep Fred and then bring him home with him to Virginia. After Craig saved Fred, Fred returned the favour by being there for him during his struggles with PTSD. Today, Craig and Fred are touching lives nationwide by sharing their message of support, stubbornness, resilience, optimism, and love.

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All My Dogs: A Memoir

Bill Henderson

Some of us measure time in years, some by relationships or places we called home. Author Bill Henderson measures his by the dogs he has loved and lost in his life—thirteen to be exact. His dry and honest humour is perfectly accompanied by simple pen and ink portraits to create a poignant and personal piece of work. Make sure you have tissues handy!