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Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love

Jane Sobel Klonsky

If, like us, you have a serious soft spot for old dogs, you’re going to love this book. In Unconditional Jane Sobel Klonsky travelled the U.S. on a singular mission: to document the love between people and their aging dogs. She hands-down succeeds in beautifully capturing the deep bond between beloved dogs in their twilight years and the people who love them. This heartwarming book will definitely leave a smile on your face and make you want to go hug your golden oldie.

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Dog Obsessed

Lucy Postins

Do you buy your dog Christmas presents? Is your phone filled with photos of your dog? If you’re like us, the answer is yes, in which case, we have the book for you! In Dog Obsessed, Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen pet food company, shares her secrets for taking the very best care of your dog. Packed with humourous and helpful advice, it features 50 easy-to-prepare recipes for treats, plus feel-good photos, stories, and illustrations, and a foreword by actress and comedienne Jane Lynch. With vet-approved health tips designed to troubleshoot common issues, advice on how to manage your dog’s unique personality quirks, and make-at-home dog games, this book is set to become your new best friend—next to your dog, of course!

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Sashi and the Puppy Mill Girl

Linda Greiner

Children will love this tale of overcoming odds. Sashi and the Puppy Mill Girl is a beautifully illustrated children’s book with a sweet story at its center: Cinnamon, a rescued Sheltie who spent her entire life in a cage, has to learn the ropes of being a dog—from how to socialize with dogs to learning to trust humans again. Luckily, her two foster siblings are there to teach her all the best aspects of dog life, namely tasty hot dogs, cuddles, and chasing squirrels. A must read for kids that imparts a great lesson!

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Dog Training The American Male

L.A. Knight

Ventriloquism, love gurus, and dog ownership—we're guessing these are three things you probably didn’t realize went hand in hand. Neither did Nancy and Jacob, the couple at the center of the hilarious Dog Training The American Male, until their lives intersected. When the honeymoon stage of their relationship abruptly ends, Jacob buys a dog to mend things. Does it work? No. But Nancy soon realizes that the dog-training techniques are just as applicable on Jacob. You’ll fly through this book, laughing and very likely nodding in assent!

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The Pit Bull Life: A Dog Lover’s Compani

Deirdre Franklin and Linda Lombardi

With BSL (breed specific legislation) in the news lately due to the awful and ill-considered Montreal Pit Bull ban, this wonderful book could not be better timed. The Pit Bull Life is a comprehensive resource that breaks down the stigmas and misinformation surrounding Pit Bulls and brings light to the incredible dogs they are. A perfect guide for bully breed lovers or those looking to adopt a sweet Pit into their life, it combines education and advice for an all-encompassing look at these often misunderstood dogs. Paired with adorable images, this must-read gives Pitties the voice they need and the understanding they deserve. If you love Pit Bulls, you need this book!

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Love, Laugh, Woof

Lynn Stacy-Smith

Part memoir, part guide to being a compassionate dog owner, Love, Laugh, Woof offers a look into what makes a good dog owner and how to become one. Author Lynn Stacy-Smith’s shares her lifelong love of dogs, relating moving tributes and adventures that beautifully illustrate the impact each dog has had on her life. Through anecdotes and instruction, Smith demonstrates her own philosophy in dog care, combining memory and technique to wonderfully bring together what it means to build a bond with the dog you love.

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Darling, I Love You: Poems from the Hearts of Our Glorious Mutts

Daniel Ladinsky

This lovely, moving book is simply a delight, paring internationally acclaimed poet Daniel Ladinsky’s short verse with Patrick McDonnell’s inspired illustrations. Patrick’s line drawings of the Mutts characters we know and love, coupled with Daniel’s haiku (“your heart and my heart are very, very old friends”), inspire wonder and make you want to slow down and go pat your dog. This sweet and beautiful book would make an absolutely wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.

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I'm Marc's Dog

Neville Jacobs

If you love dogs and fashion, I’m Marc’s Dog is the book for you! In a series of super-fun candid photos, it chronicles Bull Terrier Neville Jacobs’ life as designer Marc Jacob’s dog. We get to follow Neville from his days as a pup learning the ropes in the fashion world through to his status as a bonafide canine star, making new (and famous) friends (Kendall Jenner! Karlie Kloss!), starring in his own photo shoot, and taking time outs with his French Bulldog BFF. Packed with intimate shots of Neville’s journey as he becomes a beloved dog in the fashion world, cavorting with stars and models, I’m Marc’s Dog is an entertaining behind-the-scenes peek in the fashion world via this terrier cutie. What fun!

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Fetching Sweetness

Dana Mentink

From acclaimed author Dana Mentink comes book two in the Love Unleashed series. Runaway mutt Sweetness sparks a zany RV adventure that restores hearts and souls along the way.

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Flash’s Song

Kay Pfaltz

When Kay Pflatz finds out that her beloved Dachshund, Flash, has a tumour on his spine and three weeks to live, she is simply devastated. But the brave, tenacious little dog has a different timeline in mind: instead of the predicted three weeks, Flash lives for an unexpected five-and-a-half miraculous months. Their last months together are captured in this evocative book in which Kay’s love for her dog is tangible. Their story will resonate with all dog owners who understand the deep, incomparable bond that forms between humans and their canine companions, as well as those of us who have experienced the many little miracles dogs bring into our lives. All profits from this book, now available in paperback, are donated to charity.