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Beloved Dog

Maira Kalman

To say we loved renowned artist and author Maira Kalman’s charming, disarming, whimsical, and just plain lovely new book, Beloved Dog, would be an understatement. To spend some time flipping through this gorgeously illustrated tribute to the relationships we share with our best canine pals is transporting and spirit lifting. Buy a copy for yourself and your best friend while you’re at it—a copy of Beloved Dog would make a wonderful gift for any fellow dog lover.

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Dropped-Off Dog: A Mostly True “Tail”

Catherine Lagorio; Illustrated by Robert Kelley

This wonderful, riveting children’s book tells the tale of a once beloved, Tiger-striped dog who gets left behind. The moving story that unfolds encourages children to empathize with the plight of abandoned and stray animals, while the charming illustrations and happy ending position this picture book to become a new bedtime favourite. This one delighted the adults just as much as the children it was read to—loved it!

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Harlow & Indiana (and Reese)

A True Story About Best Friends… And Siblings Too!

Brittni and Jeff Vega

Adorable doggie duo Harlow and Indiana are back, and they have a new sibling, Reese! Brittni and Jeff Vega’s charming, photo-packed book follows Harlow and Indiana as they show Reese the ropes (prepare yourself for extreme puppy cuteness!). In this new adventure, Harlow takes on the role of teacher and Reese learns all there is to know about being a tiny pup in a big home!

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Some Dogs Talk

Constance Messmer

Tony isn’t totally sure what is happening—is he sharing his dog’s mind or losing his? Author and medium Constance Messmer takes us on a journey of understanding how dogs think and learning how to communicate with them. This fascinating story not only entertains but teaches animal communication to those of us prepared to listen.

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Sit! Stay! Speak!

Annie England Noblin

Who says nothing happens in small towns? When Addie Andrews, reeling from personal tragedy, flees Chicago for Eunice, Arkansas in order to put her late aunt’s effects in order in, she’s in for a whole lot more than she expected. Kooky neighbours, new friends, swoon-worthy romance, a brand new rescue dog, and the dark, dangerous underbelly of a tiny town all have a place in this charming novel that tells the story of a young outsider looking for a place she belongs and the bedraggled rescue pup who helps her face her past and step into her future.

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A Dog Named Jimmy

Rafael Mantesso

Heartwarming and hilarious, A Dog Named Jimmy will delight animal lovers everywhere. Bull Terrier Jimmy found fame when his person, Rafael, starting chronicling their adventures via Instagram. Now, through 100 new images of Jimmy, Rafael tells the story of how Jimmy not only helped him through a difficult divorce, but inspired a long dormant talent for drawing, art, and life. At heart this is a story of how one man’s best friend—his dog—also became his greatest collaborator.

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Wet Dog

Sophie Gamand

Every dog owner knows too well the fun and misery of bath time: the mad attempts to wriggle away, the poignant looks, the inadvertent splashing. In Wet Dog, award-winning photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand captures all the ridiculously cute postures, wet hairdos, and indignant expressions in 120 expressive art photos that ultimately reveal much about our relationships with our dogs and the ways in which they mirror our emotions. An excellent gift idea. (Give one to your groomer!)

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Xelie’s Gift

Michele McGuire

This moving, true tale of love and loss shares the inspirational account of how a Picardy Shepherd named Xelie utterly transforms author Michele McGuire’s life. McGuire shares their relatable story and the impact Xelie continues to have even after her passing. This lovely story will make you want to go hug your dog.

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Elle & Coach

Stefany Shaheen

Diabetes, the Fight For My Daughter’s Life, and the Dog Who Changed Everything (Hachette Books; August 25, 2015) is the inspiring true story of a family in need, a mother’s love for her daughter, and the power of the animal-human connection. Most of all, this book is about finding hope in the most unlikely of places.

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Watermelon Party

Jasmine June Cabanaw, Illustrated by John Moriarty

Get ready for a new bedtime favourite! This wonderful children’s book was inspired by the Rocky Ridge Refuge, an animal sanctuary home to animals of all stripe and type—and we mean ALL types: dogs, capybaras, zebras, tortoises—you name it! Through charming words and illustrations, Watermelon Party tells the story of how, one day, all the animals came together, despite their vast differences, to enjoy a watermelon. The sweet lesson? Maybe we’re not so different after all.