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Adventures with Adoptable Dogs

Rachael Rogers

Filled with adorable photos and heartwarming stories, Adventures with Adoptable Dogs highlights the importance of rescue and the magic of dogs. When volunteering for local rescue organizations, photographer and rescue advocate Rachael Rogers went on adventures with adoptable dogs in search of forever homes and took photos along the way to showcase their personalities. The wonderful book that emerged from these outings is an inspiration for anyone interested in being of service and helping shelter dogs find the homes they so deserve.

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A Dog's Courage:

A Dog’s Way Home

W. Bruce Cameron

Fans of New York Times bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron are going to devour A Dog’s Courage, a riveting story of adventure, survival, and the ties that bind. This sequel to the acclaimed novel A Dog’s Way Home follows rescue dog Bella and her humans, Lucas and Olivia, on a weekend camping trip that turns disastrous when the largest wildfire in American history engulfs the Rocky Mountains. Bella and her humans are separated by the inferno, and she ends up alone in the wilderness, where she finds herself caring for two mountain lion cubs desperately in need of help. Torn between finding her way back to her beloved people and caring for the cubs, Bella encounters danger at every turn, embodying the bravery and determination of devoted dogs everywhere.

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Pup Fiction

Laurien Berenson

In the latest installment in the Melanie Travis Mystery series, dog show champion and amateur sleuth Melanie Travis is thrown into the deep end when the arrival of three Dalmatian pups sets off a series of mysterious events at her sons’ summer camp, run by her friend. When the camp proprietor’s estranged ex-husband is found dead in the woods, Melanie has her hands full; she’s the only one who can prove her friend’s innocence.

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What a Dog Knows

Susan Wilson

As a travelling psychic, Ruby Heartwood is always moving around, working carnivals and festivals. It’s a life that works for her, until one stormy night when Ruby hears a distinct voice asking to be let in her trusty camper van. Shocked, she discovers it is a little dog—and she can hear his thoughts! Though some of the people in the small town of Harmony Farms don’t want her there, she decides to stay until she can find out why she can suddenly hear what dogs are thinking—and what secrets the town is keeping. This heartwarming novel from New York Times bestselling author Susan Wilson shows how dogs can change our lives.

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The Puppy No One Wanted

Barby Keel

Barby Keel is used to all manner of creatures arriving at the doorstep of her animal sanctuary. But when Teddy, a traumatised and neglected Irish Wolfhound puppy, is abandoned at her gates, she feels particularly drawn to the dog. Barby tries to rehome the desperate-for-love pup, but again and again he is returned. She realizes he needs her just as she receives the devastating news that her younger brother has received a shocking diagnosis, throwing her life into disarray. Can Barby and the pup heal each other? This heartwarming true story is a celebration of the trust, devotion, and unconditional bonds we share with our dogs.