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The Accidental Veterinarian: Tales from a Pet Practice

By Philipp Schott

This wonderful memoir recounts tales from Dr. Phillip Schott and his unlikely path to becoming a small-animal clinic veterinarian. Filled with hilarious, heartwarming, and occasionally heartbreaking stories, The Accidental Veterinarian shares wisdom and expertise (think how to prevent a very dexterous dog from opening the fridge and the best way to give your cat a pill) while illustrating that veterinary medicine is every bit as much about the people as it is about the animals.

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Bite Club

By Laurien Berenson

Suburban sleuth Melanie Travis is back on the case in this 23rd installment of The Melanie Travis Canine Mysteries series. This time, when homicide hits her hometown, Melanie has her ‘Bite Club’ book club friends, as well as her pedigree dog show pals to help her track down the murderer. The only problem? Melanie herself is being accused of the crime and must uncover family secrets to save herself. Filled with more dogs, more fun, and more mystery, this Kensington Cozy is the perfect summer read.

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Needled to Death

By Annelise Ryan

Needled to Death is the riveting first book of a new mystery series that combines crime, humour, and a Golden Retriever. Working at a hospital, Hildy Schneider has seen her fair share of unsolved murder cases but has never gotten involved—until now. When one of her clients confesses secrets about her son’s murder, Hildy finds the details hit a little too close to home and her own troubled past. With the help of her Golden Retriever, Roscoe, Hildy finds herself diving head first into the case. Can she solve the crime or is she in over her head?

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons from the Dog

By Amy Newmark

Prepare to laugh and cry—this canine-focused Chicken Soup for the Soul installment will have you smiling, tearing up, and nodding in recognition. Life Lessons From The Dog features 101 deeply relatable, heartstring-tugging stories from dog lovers in a compulsively readable compendium that takes you through the heartwarming highs and poignant, always worth-it lows of having a dog.

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Find the Poo

By Joe Shyllit

Sometimes, inspiration is found in the most unlikely of places. Joe Shyllit’s Cockapoo, Farfel, would “do his business,” but on occasion Joe wasn’t paying attention and couldn’t find the poop to scoop. The solution? Train your eye. Joe took photographs of 22 nature scenes with a piece of dog poo hidden in each and published them for the world to enjoy! This hilarious (and surprisingly challenging!) search-and-find book is the perfect, odourless way to train your eyes to detect poo. But don’t worry if you can’t find them all. Unlike in real life, the answers are included in the back.

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Tippy Finds a Home

By Mary Beth Stevens

This heartwarming story is not just for kids—you'll cheer for Tippy in his search for love and belonging. In this touching children's book, Tippy the shelter dog is on the hunt for his forever home. He finds respite with a foster family but can't help but long for someone to call his own. Fair warning: You may find yourself compelled to take a trip to your nearest shelter!