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Murder at The Puppy Fest: A Melanie Travis Canine Mystery

Laurien Berenson

Dive in to this rollicking murder mystery investigating the death of a dog-loving philanthropist and the involvement of his crazy family! Heroine Melanie Travis is invited to volunteer at a benefit for a local dog rescue being held at a grand mansion. Once Puppy Fest begins, the man of the house is nowhere to be found—until Melanie makes the grisly discovery of his body! The family begs Melanie to find answers, sending her on a dangerous journey chasing a criminal who has been groomed to win. Bring this one on your summer vacation!

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When Is Buddy Coming Home? Helping Children Understand the Death of a Pet

Gary Kurz

Grieving the loss of a beloved dog is hard enough as an adult but for children it can be an especially confusing and devastating time. In When Is Buddy Coming Home, biblical scholar Gary Kurz aims to replace that sadness with hope and comfort in knowing that separation from loved ones is only temporary. Loss can also raise difficult questions about life and death and this book guides parents to help their children understand death and reassure them that their departed furry friends have found everlasting peace.

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Doodles Canine Coloring Fun

Setria James

Make learning about man’s best friend fun and creative with the Doodles Canine Coloring Fun colouring book. Kids will love getting artsy with the 34 full-size illustrations of breeds like the Dalmatian, Poodle, Dachshund, Chow Chow, and more. Facts and characteristics of the dogs accompany the pictures so that little ones can learn while creating a masterpiece. Looking for more fun? There are plenty of interactive games and activities including a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, and more. P.S. Colouring isn’t just for kids anymore—we won’t tell if you get this book just for you!

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Shellbee's Story

Jennifer Flynn-Campbell

Anyone who has ever experienced a deep bond with a dog will relate to this lovely, moving memoir told in the words of an English Lab named Shellbee. Shellbee’s story is relayed through letters written to her human pack and peppered with personal photographs. It reads like a wonderful, heartstring-tugging scrapbook of touching memories, from birth to the crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. Readers will love the innocently funny tales of Shellbee’s time at puppy school through to relatable and heartwarming family holidays, road trips, and her work as a therapy dog.

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Too Licky

By Gigi and Ryan Giles

Gigi and Ryan Giles

The journey to find the “perfect dog” for you and your family can be a lot like Goldilocks’ search for the perfect porridge—you keep looking until it’s just right. The Giles family knows all about this quest. They were in the market to adopt a rescue dog after their first rescue, Nova, crossed the rainbow bridge. Since Nova had been so perfect, the bar was set high. The family began tossing out characteristics their next dog should, or shouldn’t have. Then-four-year-old twin sisters Gigi and Ryan started a list that grew so long it grew into Too Licky, a book of how they found their “just right” rescue, Sugar. Too Licky also features the stories and likenesses of other rescue dogs illustrated in a fun and beautiful way, and half of the proceeds from each book go to help other rescue dogs like Sugar find their “just right” forever home. Share this wonderful book with the kids in your life!

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Roam Dog Boarding

Silvia Geiger

Interested in starting your own dog business? This could be the book for you! More and more dog people are looking for an alternative to traditional kenneling and are turning to the newest trend in dog boarding—Free Roam Boarding. With the increased demand for free roam facilities, there’s also more need for people providing this service. This book is written for those who are interested in offering this more intimate, family-style type of boarding. Silvia Geiger’s extensive background in dog behaviour, training, and boarding spans decades and her how-to book, Free Roam Dog Boarding, can help make your business successful, even on a small scale. Complete with cute client photos and personal anecdotes, this book covers everything from financing and expenses, to worst case scenarios.

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Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us

Pamela Robins

We all know that feeling of peace and quietude that comes from just being in our dog’s presence. Now imagine if you could harness that energy to benefit the overall health and wellbeing of both you and your dog. After enduring a series of hardships, Pamela Robins saw how hard her animals were working to selflessly comfort and heal her and was worried that this could be depleting them of their own energy. In response, she created a meditation method that is based on the idea of consciously recycling positive energy between animal and human to create deeper and more nurturing connections. Complete with pictures and meditation exercises, her new book, Meditating With Animals, beautifully explains and illustrates the techniques so both person and dog can benefit.

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Tuesday’s Promise: One Veteran, One Dog, and Their Bold Quest to Change Lives

Luis Carlos Montalván and Ellis Henican

While war leaves scars on skin and limbs, sometimes the invisible wounds take longest to heal. Iraq War veteran Luis Carlos Montalván was just one such case. Following two combat tours, he struggled with physical disabilities compounded by agoraphobia and crippling PTSD that made it difficult to readjust. Then he met a service dog named Tuesday. Luis chronicled their incredible bond in his New York Times bestselling memoir Until Tuesday. Following the success of this book, Luis and Tuesday became dedicated to demonstrating the many life-changing benefits of pairing trained service dogs with veterans dealing with the physical and emotional wounds of war. Their journey is immortalized in Luis’ wonderful new book, Tuesday’s Promise, sadly published posthumously; Luis Carlos Montalván took his own life before he could see his moving new book published. A letter of love to his dog Tuesday and an offering of hope to other veterans dealing with the invisible wounds of war, this inspiring story of love, service, teamwork, and the bond between a man and his dog brought tears to our eyes.