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You Lucky Dog

Julia London

What would you do if your dog walker accidentally swapped your dog with another? In You Lucky Dog, Carly and Max end up thrown together after a fateful incident involving their respective Bassett Hounds, Baxter and Hazel. Carly realizes her quiet, reserved foster Baxter loves spending time with Hazel, but Carly isn’t so sure about Hazel's owner, Max—until they all start spending time together. You’ll fall for this fun opposites-attract romantic comedy.

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Out of Hounds

Rita Mae Brown

“Sister” Jane Arnold and her hounds are faced with a new string of mysteries in this exciting novel from New York Times bestselling author Rita Mae Brown. When expensive paintings belonging to two prominent members of a foxhunting club go missing, leading to murder, Sister Jane must figure out whether they were targeted due to their fox hunting activities and sniff out whodunit. This clever cozy mystery will keep readers on their toes!

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Love Your Life

Sophie Kinsella

Fans of Sophie Kinsella definitely will not want to miss her latest, Love Your Life. Ava is a hopeless romantic and her Beagle, Harold is one of her best friends. Frustrated with the trials of online dating and trying to get over a recent breakup, she goes on a writing retreat in Italy to finish her novel. The catch—they cannot reveal their real identities during the retreat! Ava finds herself swept up in a love affair with Matt—until they have to return to reality. Will their love last in the real world?

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A Small Dog with a Big Heart

Peter Comley

Living life as a safari guide-dog means Django the Jack Russell mix is no stranger to adventure. Whether facing off with African wildlife or trekking in the bush, Django learns how to use his keen senses as an early warning system for his humans, saving lives and winning the hearts of his companions. This enthralling story of life in the bush, related through this clever pup’s adventures and the colourful characters who cross his path, will entrance lovers of dogs and travel alike.

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All Creatures Great and Small

James Herriot

James Herriot, one of the world’s most beloved veterinarians, gives readers a captivating and utterly charming look into the beginning of his career in rural Yorkshire and his vast experiences with animals and their humans. Filled with inspiring, heartwarming, and harrowing stories, animal lovers will find themselves endlessly charmed by experiencing the world through Herriot’s eyes.

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Steven J. Carino and Alex Tresniowski

This incredible, heartwarming, and harrowing true story shows what one man went through after his dog Oliver was stolen from his car. The unexpected help he receives in his search illuminates the power of kindness and friendship, leading to a moving reunion with his best furry friend. Available in adult and young reader versions.