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As A Dog Thinketh: Daily Words of Wisdom for Dog People

Monique Anstee

Sometimes we overthink things. At least that’s the opinion of professional dog trainer Monique Anstee, who believes that people are overcomplicating their approach to dog training. Thankfully, her excellent book, As a Dog Thinketh: Daily Words of Wisdom for Dog People, brings training back to what it should be: smart, simple, and effective. Chock-full of clever daily philosophies, Anstee’s no-nonsense approach and great sense of humour are what’s been missing from many training guides. Her advice is honest and refreshing, and after working 25 years in the dog training business, her wisdom is completely sound, offering a wonderful perspective on how to nurture and develop your relationship with your best furry friend. A must-read for dog people!

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The Friend

Sigrid Nunez

This poignant, buzzed-about novel is a beautiful exploration of grief and the ways in which we come to healing through the remedies of love and friendship. When a broken-hearted writer experiences the death of a close friend and mentor, she learns that she is not the only one left behind—her mentor’s huge Great Dane, who also struggles to adjust to a life without his beloved companion, has been left to her care. Through their mutual sorrow, the writer and Great Dane form a bond, one that transcends their mourning and helps them overcome their sadness and trauma. Moving, passionate, and sure to bring you to tears, this emotional story is exquisitely told and is bound to stay with you long after the last page is turned.

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Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen

Candace Fleming

This wonderfully charming illustrated middle-grade novel will find fans of all ages. Strongheart tells the entirely winning and wonder-filled tale of Etzel the German Shepherd. Born on a farm between the city and the Bavarian Alps, Etzel thinks he is destined to become a police dog, fighting criminals on the streets of Berlin. But when a Hollywood director meets the shepherd, Etzel is recognized for what he truly is… a star! Etzel enters a life in “the pictures,” starring in silent movies under the name of Strongheart. Red carpets and fame follow, and Strongheart soon sees his name in lights. But when he is wrongly accused of a horrible crime, the pup must use his acting chops to get out of trouble. Fans of Hollywood and the silver screen will love this historical-fiction story of a dog that became a 1920’s celebrity.