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Two Good Dogs

Susan Wilson

This riveting, heartwarming story about the huge role dogs can play in changing peoples’ lives will keep you glued to the page. In Two Good Dogs, the much awaited sequel to Susan Wilson’s New York Times bestseller, One Good Dog, beloved characters Adam and Chance the rescued Pit Bull return, this time saving not one but two lives—one human and one canine. At the center of this story is Cody, a troubled 14-year-old who witnesses a murder and tells no one. When she and her mom move to the Berkshires to open a dilapidated inn, they hope a change of scenery will do them both good. And indeed, things seem to be looking up when Adam and Chance come to stay. Chance and Cody form a tentative bond and Cody’s mom Skye begins to fall for Adam. But the idyll is short-lived—soon a murderer is closing in, threatening everything, even Cody’s life. If you’re looking for a completely captivating and moving novel to curl up with, this it is!

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Forever Stay

Ace Mask

This boy-and-his-dog adventure story will keep you turning the pages! Forever Stay chronicles the journey of an autistic boy who inherits a Collie dog that unexpectedly holds the key to a mystery. When a multi-billion dollar corporation lays claim to the dog, a national frenzy is sparked and boy and dog are taken on an adventure that tests the love between them.

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Saved by the Dog: Unleashing Potential with Psychiatric Service Dogs

Anne Martinez

Saved by the Dog guides readers through the world of psychiatric service dogs—what they can do and how, who qualifies to have one, and laws that affect service dog handlers. These amazing dogs are bringing new hope to people with conditions such as PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression, but, exciting as the possibilities are, teaming up with a highly-trained psychiatric service dog isn’t a good solution for everyone—there are drawbacks as well as benefits. Whether you’re looking into getting a psychiatric service dog for yourself or a loved one, or simply interested in these phenomenal dogs, this is the book to read first!

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Amanda Jones

The unbridled joyousness of the dogs in Unleashed is simply heart expanding. Dogs of all size and stripe cavort against the glorious backdrop of all four seasons. The dogs, captured by photographer Amanda Jones in a state of ultimate canine-ness, are a delight through and through.

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Beware Of The Dog: Positive Solutions for Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Pat Miller

Pat Miller’s Beware of the Dog is a must-read for anyone wanting to raise a confident, well-adjusted puppy and especially for those dealing with aggression issues in their own dog. This well written, easy to follow book is a gem, outlining concisely how to evaluate, manage, and modify aggressive behaviour in dogs. With chapters on how to listen with your eyes, causes of aggression, and positive management strategies that really work, this engaging, interesting, and supremely useful book will prove a godsend for many families.

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The Wrong Dog: An Unlikely Tale of Unconditional Love

David Elliot Cohen

This endearing memoir meets winning road trip adventure story combines wit and self-deprecation for a wonderful read any dog lover will relate to. With it's cross-country romance and blended family whose bond is only strengthened by an out of control Labrador Retriever, this relatable, thoroughly modern story will win your heart. The poignant ending reminds us that a "good death" is the final blessing and the last gift we should strive to bestow on our own dogs. Highly recommended!

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Out Of The Cold

Valerie Ingram & Alistair Schroff

“You cannot just think about it, you cannot say, ‘someone should do something about that.’ You are that someone.”—Lakes Animal Friendship Society

This beautifully illustrated children’s book carries a wonderful, galvanizing message for children: you can make a difference! The inspiring story details a community’s involvement in making doghouses for dogs with no access to shelter, the project sparked by one young girl’s desire to make a difference. Buy this book for all the little animal lovers in your life. You can even get involved yourself and download the plans to make a community doghouse from a single sheet of plywood!

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Pug Meets Pig

Sue Lowell Gallion

Prepare to be seriously charmed by this truly adorable book perfect for the beginner reader in your life. Sweet and funny, it tells the story of a content Pug whose world is turned upside down by the arrival of Pig. Will they ever be friends? Matched with delightful illustrations, it celebrates adapting to change, being kind, and making new, unlikely friends.

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Move Over Rover!

Lui D'Amato

Children will love this brightly illustrated book—based on a true story—about Rover and his growing family. As an only fur-child, Rover is used to being the apple of his owners’ eye…until a new baby brother appears, and then another! Soon, all he hears is “move over, Rover” from the bed, the couch, and his favorite spot – the car! Soon Rover learns to love his brothers and all the fun they can have together as a family.