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I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog:

Dating Tales from the Bark Side

Susan Hartzler

As many of us can attest, by rescuing a dog, you can find yourself rescued right back. Such was the case for Susan Hartzler. At age 60, she decided enough was enough after being stuck in one disastrous relationship after another; it was time for a change. In this heartwarming and humorous memoir, Hartzler details the ups and downs of her personal journey to embracing the single life and finding unconditional love through friendship and her adopted rescue dog.

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Be My Ghost

Carol J. Perry

Dive right into this diverting cozy mystery! Maureen Doherty and her Golden Retriever Finn are both stuck in a rut. Maureen lost her job as a sportswear buyer and Finn failed service dog training. A much-needed break in routine comes when Maureen mysteriously inherits an inn in quaint Haven, FL. But all is not as it seemed at first glance when she finds a body on her new property and meets the inn’s ghostly guests who work with her to solve the mystery. Will they crack the case? You’ll have fun finding out.

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Wonder Dogs

Maureen Maurer with Jenna Benton

At 39, Maureen Maurer was given a second chance at life. She decided it was finally time to fulfill her childhood dream of training assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Wonder Dogs details the inspiring and life changing experiences she’s had training assistance dogs and the extraordinary changes these dogs have made in the lives of the humans they are helping.

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My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog:

101 Tales of Canine Companionship

They’re man’s best friend for good reason, as this relatable, entertaining, and all together devourable collection of stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul illustrates. My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog features 101 true stories showcasing the amazing, hilarious, heartwarming things dogs are capable of and the myriad ways they improve our lives.

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Dog Park

Kathryn Kazoleas

In this delightful children’s book, Gibson the Labradoodle is getting ready to join the pack of pooches who watch over the dog park. But when her first day of training doesn’t go as expected, she starts to question if she really wants to be a dog-park ambassador—until she has to step up to save a puppy in peril. An adorable read for the young dog lover in your life.