You’re no doubt familiar with guide dogs for visually impaired people, but have you ever met a guide dog for a visually impaired dog? Well you’re about to! Meet Zen and Hoshi, a fluffy duo who are totally inseparable—and impossibly cute.

At the age of eleven, Hoshi, an American Eskimo, had to have both eyes removed due to glaucoma. Adjusting to his new life without sight was very difficult for him, as was dealing with the pain. Hoshi was understandably unhappy; there were times when his family thought he just wouldn’t make it.

Luckily, just six months before, Hoshi’s owners—Pauline Perez and her boyfriend, Dennis Nel—had adopted Zen, a special needs Pomerian who turned out to be just what Hoshi needed. Zen, too, had faced hardships in life. The tiny dog had been found dirty and matted, wandering the streets of Spokane, Washington. He had a litany of serious health complaints, from pulmonary edema to a mouthful of really bad teeth, but that didn’t stop Pauline from falling in love. Pauline was instantly smitten with the all-smiles Pomeranian but was worried about how Hoshi would react when he was already going through so much. Turns out, the two were just what each other needed!

Hoshi quickly made Zen feel at home, and Zen became Hoshi’s very own guide dog post surgery. Zen just seems to know Hoshi needs his help and is always by his side—the two are inseparable. When they’re out for walks, Pauline tethers the two dogs together and Zen leads the way, ensuring Hoshi stays in the middle of the path for safety—but even if not leashed together, Zen walks by Hoshi’s side. Truly, “Zen has enabled Hoshi to experience life,” says Pauline. Now, the two can be found palling around the dog park, posing beside waterfalls, braving the seas in kayaks, and generating awwws across the Internet, because together there’s nothing these two can’t do! Follow these break-your-heart-cute pooches on Instagram (@the.fluffy.duo) or on Facebook. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.