The saga of Chance’s medical misfortunes carries on. This weekend we had another vet visit which resulted in the diagnosis of an ear infection and an ulcer on his left eye. With most normal dogs, these would be minor issues easily remedied by topical drops and antibiotics; however, Chance is not a normal dog. I don’t know what was done to him in the past, but this dog absolutely detests any medical treatment to the point of extreme fear aggression. While trying to hold him at the vet for an ear cleaning, he bit Jeremy three times. Yes, that’s right, three times in the span of thirty seconds. On Saturday night when I tried to apply ointment to the affected eye, he bit me so hard I cried (I’m not embarrassed to admit this). Finally, on Sunday night he bit Jeremy so hard that he actually tore the fingernail right off!! There was lots of blood and the nail was just hanging there…oh lord I have to stop!

Anyways, we’re at the point now where we can’t safely treat him for his afflictions without succumbing to painful injury. Plus, his mouth is less than sparkling, so I’m definitely wary of Jeremy’s poor finger becoming infected. We’ve tried everything: treats, distractions, towels covering his face, even a cat muzzle which he easily slipped out of. I’m at a loss here, and I think Jer’s reached his limit of bites in one weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions of what we can do to medicate this gremlin safely without losing our remaining digits?

This is his "Don’t touch me" face. Clearly, I’m terrified.