In Partnership with BioStar

BioStar US creates supplements and treats for the dog (and horse) owner with the health and wellbeing of their pet in mind. By utilizing a range of natural, whole, real ingredients, their products aim to target immune system support, weight management, and so much more. We had the pleasure of speaking with the BioStar US team to ask them more about their products and what makes BioStar US a great choice for pet owners. 

What goods/services do you provide?

We formulate and create unique supplements from whole bioavailable foods that are organic, high-quality, and raw, never baked. BioStar US empowers dog and horse owners with knowledge and insights into alternative nutrition sources using the oldest medicine on earth: plants. Our products address whole health: the mind-body connection, joint support, daily wellness, and overall equilibrium.


Why are your products unique? How does your company stand out?Tigger with two Australian Sheperd's

As leaders in our field, BioStar US has exceptionally high standards for every ingredient and method of production. Your dog’s wellbeing is our number one focus above all else, therefore we use only the best, most nutritious, whole food ingredients for our supplement formulas. Each product is handmade with love by our dedicated production staff and our products are free from coal tar derivatives, wheat, soy, added flavorings (artificial or “natural”), and petrochemicals. We source organic and non-GMO ingredients wherever possible.


Why is BioStar US a good choice? What are the benefits?

From top to bottom, BioStar stands apart from other supplement companies — not only because we use real, whole food, but because we know fundamentally that whole food and health are strongly connected. We don’t sacrifice raw material quality to save money, and we don’t sacrifice our employees’ wellbeing in order to boost profits. We know without a doubt that our product formulas are unique to BioStar — not replicas, copies or generic alternatives to what some other company has created. We seek out specific ingredients from small, conscientious suppliers, ensuring better quality control and a closer relationship from farm to table. We offer a guarantee of freshness, performance, and palatability. Our blog articles bring you information on whole food nutrition so you can make the best decisions about the care and health of your horses and dogs. We believe in our products because we’ve seen the BioStar difference firsthand in our own dogs.

What are your corBioStar food mixere values? How do they influence your business practices?

Just as BioStar’s focus on ingredients in our formulas is of utmost importance, so is our dedication to give back by supporting larger sustainability efforts like GMO labeling, saving the pollinators, biodiversity, no-till farming, the reduction of chemical fertilizers, pesticide and herbicide reduction, the importance of a healthy soil microbiome, and reducing the carbon footprint. Each quarter, a charity is chosen and a percentage of product sales goes directly to it. Charities range from horse and dog rescues, to environmental organizations, to sustainable agriculture initiatives. Each are given the spotlight in newsletters, highlighted on our website, and featured in social media posts along with donation information. From there, BioStar builds on these philanthropic ideals to join forces with the American Sustainable Business Council, an organization that promotes sustainable and vibrant economics, working towards better environmental policies in the government and in the media. In 2017, BioStar created a sister company, Changing Tides, that promotes environmental sustainability through conscious gifting. The selected products are made ethically and sustainably, and support vendors that promote community, recycling, and the conservation of our wildlife, wild places, resources, and clean air and water. BioStar believes in being the change we'd like to see in the world.


What is the inspiration for the creation of BioStar? Tigger with Australian Sheperd

BioStar was born in Tigger Montague’s kitchen in Charlottesville, Virginia — the result of her trying to help her horse overcome crippling inflammation of the bursa that had not responded to any sort of treatment options or therapies. Tigger decided that adding some whole food would at least be supportive before more drastic and permanent paths were followed. The horse improved and eventually came sound after feeding a combination of sprouted foods and whole foods. No longer was permanent nerve loss or a lifetime of pharmaceuticals on the table. This diet was the foundation for what would become BioStar. Soon after, a wide variety of formulas for horses were in development and the company launched in 2008.

In 2013, Tigger’s Australian Shepherds decided that the horses were getting enough of the spotlight and we expanded our products to include a full canine line.


What is the best way for dog owners to connect with your company?

You can visit our website We are also available by email at and by phone at 800-686-9544 to answer questions about our products and to consult about your dog’s overall diet and lifestyle.  As dog enthusiasts ourselves, we acknowledge that each dog is an individual. Part of what drives us is learning about your dogs’ stories and becoming a piece of the puzzle on their journey to whole health.