Do you trust your dog sitter? Juno's Journey is a story based on true events of when a dog goes missing, after being looked after by a dog sitter that was thought to be trustworthy.

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Classic literature lacks dogs! These books fill that void, retelling beloved stories from a dog’s viewpoint. Experience the same tales, but with a unique twist—a dog’s tail, if you will.


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Winslow and Zippy, an impulsive young puppy and a wise older dog, navigate their owner’s life challenges through touching letters to “Grandma Vivienne.” A great book showcasing love, humour, and the profound canine connection.


The holiday season is hectic enough without murders going on! In this two book cozy-mystery bundle, Melanie Travis, her pack of Standard Poodles, and her nosy Aunt Peg must solve two intriguing cases to restore holiday cheer before it is too late.


The Way of Life Method goes beyond conventional training to help owners design ways of life that foster deep bonds, resolve behaviour issues, and raise healthy and happy dogs.