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{For the Snuggler} Some dogs love the cozy feeling of being beneath the covers or in a den-like environment—this is the bed for them! The Snuggle Cave Bed from Kona Cave pairs a comfy bolster bed with a detachable cover to create the perfect snooze environment. From $295,

{For the Dog with Sore Joints} Dogs with more years need more support! The Crown Supreme Memory Foam dog bed from BuddyRest is extra supportive to cushion sore joints and prevent aches and pains and is topped with a cooling, pressure-relieving foam layer for ultimate comfort. No worries if your older dog has bladder problems—the bed is waterproof, odour resistant, and easy to clean. From $330,

{For the Digger} As cute as it is to watch pups dig at their bed with gusto, it takes a toll on your dog’s bed, and it’s certainly not as comfortable with the pillow unearthed. The one-piece design of Bowser’s durably constructed Urban Lounger ensures that the bottom cushion remains securely zippered in place despite digging, while the beautifully patterned microvelvet cover also adds a touch of sophistication to your dog’s dreams. From $110,

{For the Dirty Dog} Some dogs are simply magnets for smells, dirt, and grime. For these guys, try the Heyday Bed from West Paw Design. The soft micro-suede resists dirt, paws, and claws and the antimicrobial protection repels odour and stains which keeps this bed fresher, longer. From $80,

{For the Philanthropist Dog} The responsive foam in Jaxon Dog Beds will give your furry friend an exceptionally soft and supportive place to rest his weary bones at night. Plus, you and your pup will sleep well knowing that their purchase helped a dog in need have a place to sleep, thanks to their support of PAWS animal charity. From $149,

{For the Furshionista} While your pup is treated to a truly luxurious snooze, you can enjoy the beautiful addition to your living space! The ultra-cozy and ultra-chic Luxury Plush Bed from Fluffy Paws Pets is made from premium materials that offer comfort without sacrificing durability. The contrasting patterns, colours, and textures will please even the most discerning eye! From $40, 

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