Bert The Pooping Dog Joins Modern Dog’s Winning Circle

Navigation seemed unusually slow on Modern Dog’s site last Friday morning  and I later found out why… the site loading time was sluggish due to a flood of people coming to our photocontest page to vote and comment on Bert the Pooping Dog. Not your usual "cute" dog picture, Bert’s owner had set up his camera on a tripod to capture the light and mood of a corn row and the foreboding sky beyond when his dog Bert decided to enter the scene to add another element to the photo – that of dog doing what a dog does best – his "business". 

The comments people left on the page absolutely made my day so I thought I’d share some of them with you and hopefully make your day, too!

Barbara Taines said:

Wow, what a way to thumb your nose at society. Juxtaposed against such a beautiful (and, in some ways, foreboding) backdrop, Bert shows us that we don’t need to conform. Live life, do what you to and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings got created. BRILLIANT!

JimmyPeagle said:

Arguably this dog should be given leadership of a small country.


Bud said:

A storm looms on the horizon, the powerhouse that is mother nature coming ever closer, but one dog stood its ground and showed the world IT WAS NOT AFRAID.


Edwardo said:

This photo is so beautiful. Is the dog expressing his feelings on agriculture, or is he simply taking a dump?

Is he making a prediction on the future of corn?



Usman Patel said:

They say a picture is worth athousand words, but this my friends, is worth millions.


To read more comments, please visit Bert’s photo contest page by clicking here.