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Benji Returns

A Netflix retelling of the classic family film

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If you missed the 1974 Benji, the beloved flick is back and it’s still a family affair. The heartwarming retelling is a Netflix original picture directed by Brandon Camp, whose father helmed the heartstring-tugging classic that became an unlikely box office sensation.  

This generation’s Benji is no less winning. It’s a tale of a young boy and his sister who befriend a scruffy stray who saves the day and helps heal their family. This is a real tear-jerker so you might want to shield your pup’s eyes when the widowed mum tells her children they can’t keep Benji. They tearfully put the pup back out on the street rather than let their mother take him to a kill shelter. But rest assured kids, it all ends well. When danger befalls the children, heroic Benji and his canine friend come to their rescue.

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