Ever wonder who actress and model Kate Upton’s #1 man is? It’s her beautiful Boxer Harley! Kate and Harley recently showcased their special bond in an adorable six-part video series for the new Link AKC smart collar. The entertaining videos feature Harley failing at hide and seek (the smart collar has GPS tracking), failing to get lost in the dark (there’s a built-in LED light), and working on his wellness with the activity level recommendations for his age, breed and size. (The Link AKC smart collar even alerts your phone when the environmental temperature is too hot or too cold for your dog! How cool is that?)

So with all this insight into how comfortable Harley feels at any given moment, was he as easy to work with on-set as his professional mom? Did fame go to his head? Find out the truth by watching the behind-the-scenes footage, with inside scoops from the director and stars! Find the series at linkakc.com/kateupton.