Yes, you can take your best friend with you…wherever you go!

Introducing Sara James. A company of “dog loving jewelry designers”…for designer jewelry dog lovers!

Sara James presents high-quality, hand-crafted sterling silver charm bracelets in a range of dog breeds (with new ones coming out this month)!

Choose from 10 popular breeds – ranging from Chihuahua to Yorkshire Terrier – with Golden Retriever and Pug in-between. Each charm is made from .925 sterling silver, measures 19mm in diameter, is 2mm thick and weighs 4gms. Trendy Sara James identity charm measures 10mm in diameter, 1mm in thickness and weighs 1gm.

These exclusive, exquisite bracelets make the perfect gift and are ideal as a memento to your best friend, too!

If your pet is in your heart, then it should be on your wrist!

Sara James. High-quality, hand-crafted sterling silver charm bracelets.

Proudly made in the USA.

For the love of your dog, what are you waiting for? Find your breed at or call 216.505.5420.