Puppy pads are a great solution for many dog owners, but used puppy pads in your home have always been a smelly and inconvenient problem – until now! The Puppy Pad Wizard™ makes puppy pad disposal simple.  The patented Puppy Pad Wizard provides the convenience of storing used puppy pads in your home until trash day without odor.  No more stinky garbage cans and no more constant trips outside to throw the pads away.

Designed and made solely for dogs with an iconic fire hydrant shape, the Puppy Pad Wizard has a spring-loaded push-pull drawer, so users don’t get their hands wet and dirty. This feature sets our product apart because you don’t need to push your hand through a trap door to dispose of your waste.  Puppy Pad Wizard refresh, the brand’s odor neutralizing spray, is poured directly into a spray mechanism built into the design to neutralize odors on contact. After a dirtied pad is placed into the Puppy Pad Wizard, simply press the top button to release the non-scented, totally “green” odor fighter. While the Puppy Pad Wizard does offer custom fit odor control trash bags, any bag that will fit inside the cavity of the Puppy Pad Wizard can be used to contain waste, meaning there are no expensive refill systems.   Removing and replacing the bag is simple.

Dogs of all ages use puppy pads; they are not just for puppies, making the Puppy Pad Wizard a necessity for any dog owner that uses puppy pads.  Many customers use the product for doggie diapers, belly bands and washable pads as well.  In addition, the Puppy Pad Wizard is a great solution for storing #2 bags in your garage to eliminate odor in your main trash can.