Last year around this time I posted some awkward pet photos in my previous blog, A Foster Story (see said photos here). Included in these unflattering pictures was one of Roxy, Cash and I with Santa the year that we adopted Cash. It was (and continues to be) humiliatingly awful, yet share it I did.

This year, rather than rehash my bottle-black dye job and bright blue coat, we decided to get new Santa photos taken that would include our newest addition, Chance. Unfortunately for Jeremy and I, we were required to sit in on the photo since Santa couldn’t control all three dogs on his own. Go ahead, relish in the horror that is my un-straightened hair and Jer’s look of disdain for all things Christmas. I’m not ashamed anymore, in fact, I’m having it enlarged and framed and it will soon appear on my walls surrounded by other canine photography gems.

Am I the only one getting stuck in these pet Santa photos, or have you people been humiliated, too?