Auction 4 Pet

After seeing so many rescue organizations requesting financial assistance for their causes, Ruth Epstein and some of her animal loving friends decided they wanted to help! Their vision was to raise money and donate it on a rotating basis to various rescue organizations in their locality. And so Auction 4 Pet Supplies was born!

The site is an auction site where consumers can purchase lightly used or new pet supplies. Anyone can sign up to auction their items, whether you're a pet owner with too many toys lying around your house or a small business this is a great opportunity! A fee of $2.00 is deducted from each auction sale and on a monthly basis Ruth and her team gather the funds and choose a rescue organization to receive a donation.

Rescue organizations also have the option to utilize the site to run their auctions. If you are using this site on behalf of a 501(c)(3) and would like to have your auctions highlighted (they do not charge rescue organizations for holding an auction),  please send a copy of your IRS determination letter to: All auctions run for up to a month and they'll even help you with the marketing!

So create an account, list or bid and help make 2016 a good year for rescue organizations!