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At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

How laser therapy can help your pet

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Veterinarians across North America use laser therapy daily to speed post-operative healing, reduce inflammation, and relieve arthritic joint pain without drugs. Imagine if you could take advantage of this powerful science in your own home to ease your dog's chronic pain and speed healing! Well, now you can. The medical laser experts at Multi Radiance Medical have introduced a new initiative, Rent My Pet Laser, which allows pet owners to rent their highly effective, safe, and pocket-sized TQ Solo lasers directly and affordably from a veterinarian. Dogs and cats experiencing painful conditions like osteoarthritis, wounds, and even infections can now benefit from laser therapy treatment in the comfort of their own home, eliminating the inconvenience and stress of multiple vet visits.

Here’s how it works: your vet provides the TQ Solo Laser System and a custom treatment protocol, which you can then easily administer at home. This allows you to provide consistent treatment to relieve pain and speed healing at the cellular level. Many pet insurance companies cover laser treatments—check your plan. To find the veterinarian nearest you offering rentals, go to (Currently available in the US only.)

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