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Anxiety Busters

Nifty products that quell stress in dogs.

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Join the Mind Game of the Month Club! Each box comes with an enrichment puzzle to provide mental stimulation, an active play toy, a long-lasting chew or treat to keep your pup busy, and a full bag of tasty treats. New members also get a free lick pad, plus $1 of every box is donated to a shelter! ($45,

Alleviate boredom, stress, and anxiety by giving your dog a delicious task! EverLick mat is designed to keep your dog busy and self-entertained—simply spread your dog’s favourite soft foods or treats on this fun, FDA Food Grade Compliant mat for an engrossing activity. ($11,

Reduce stress with gentle compression. Like swaddling an infant, the Thundershirt anxiety jacket applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over-excitement. Available in seven different sizes for small to large dogs! (from $40,

The Furbo dog camera lets you see, talk, and check in on your dog via your phone, and give treats remotely. Real-time alerts are sent to your phone. By monitoring remotely and then intervening before your dog is distressed, you can set your dog up for success. Start out close by and return in short time increments, ideally while your dog is calm, and work up to longer periods. Or simply use it to understand triggers or interrupt behaviour by speaking to your dog. ($169,

The Animo activity and behaviour monitor for dogs sends alerts to your cell phone if it detects changes in your dog’s behaviour like barking, scratching or shaking. The small waterproof device, worn on a collar, learns and interprets the unique activity and behavior patterns of your dog, from morning walks to barking at the Amazon delivery guy. ($90,

P.L.A.Y.’s Wobble Ball dog toy is designed to be nudged, pawed and rolled around to release treats. Simply insert your dog’s favorite treats or kibble into this interactive puzzle toy and watch your dog stay mentally and physically stimulated while trying to get her paws on these tasty rewards. ($19,

Reduce anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviour with a trainer and vet recommended Lickimat. The wobbling action adds an extra dimension to the challenge of licking the treat, yogurt, peanut butter or food from the dimpled, natural rubber surface. For puppies or known chewers, consider the LickiMat Tuff instead. ($16,

This stuffy with a heartbeat is especially ideal for puppies transitioning from their mom and littermates to a new home, but all dogs can benefit. (Plus, how cute is it?!) Aptly named Snuggle Puppy, it recreates the intimacy and physical warmth with a “real feel” heartbeat, designed to comfort and reduce loneliness and separation anxiety in your four-legged friend. ($40,

Naturally calm your dog with the power of pheromones. Pheromone diffusers and sprays mimic the pheromones nursing dog-moms emit to create feelings of comfort and safety. A pheromone product like ThunderEase, available as a spray or plug-in diffuser, helps put an end to anxiety-induced behaviours like destructive chewing, house soiling, and problem barking by helping dogs feel comfortable and relaxed in their environment. (from $15,

Canine Calmers

Compose Liquid, a calming support supplement from McIntosh Pro Line, is recommended for dogs who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity, and more. Formulated with calming milk protein and L-Theanine to reduce your dog’s stress and decrease stress-related behaviours. (from $22,

Made with CBD derived from organic, full-spectrum hemp extract plus salmon oil, Treatibles Extra Strength Soft Chewables keep your dog calm while supporting digestive and joint health. (from $12,

Does your dog struggle with severe separation anxiety? Ask your vet about Reconcile Chewable Tablets. FDA-approved in conjunction with a behaviour modification plan, these selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) tablets help dogs achieve a calmer frame of mind. (from $15,

Ideal for pets experiencing high levels of anxiety, Suzie’s CBD 250mg Dog Tincture combines USDA organic, full-spectrum CBD with a base of organic safflower oil to offer relief to anxious small and medium-sized dogs. ($40,

Suzie’s Goes Nuts CBD peanut butter from Suzie’s CBD is made with just two ingredients: freshly ground organic peanuts and 125 mg of their full-spectrum, locally-grown USDA organic CBD. ($25,

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A time old remedy, essential oils can be used to calm dogs, but caution should be taken as essential oils used incorrectly can be harmful to canines. Choose a vet-approved formulation designed for dogs, like the Furbliss Calming Spray, formulated to keep your dog calm through thunderstorms, vet visits, car rides, and more. Made with a unique blend of botanical extracts and dog-safe essential oils, this spray is easy to use and vet recommended. Works for cats, too. ($7,

Specifically formulated to help with severe anxiety and seizures, the Health Drops Severe Symptoms from Healthier Pet couple 1500 mg of CBD with organic hemp, fish, and coconut oils in a Health Canada lab tested formula. ($70,

Combining pharmaceutical grade USA-grown CBD and fish oil, Iceland Pure’s CBD Tinctures work to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation, and seizures. (from $50,

Veterinarian-formulated, Naturecan’s beef-flavoured CBD Soft Chews for dogs contain broad-spectrum CBD oil, as well as calcium powders for dental support and flaxseed oil for digestive support. Get $10 off with code MDM10. ($40,


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