At the American College of Veterinary Surgeons conference in Seattle, AniCell Biotech will be launching its BioScaff Surgical line of regenerative products for use in surgery as a bioscaffold for remodeling wounds. These amnion-based products contain all the naturally occurring, essential collagens, hyaluronic acids and proteins needed to facilitate tissue support after surgical procedures. From colic surgery to umbilical hernias to simple spays/neuters in dogs, these scaffolds provide all-natural wound support as a biological bandage and covers an assortment of wound types and sizes. The BioScaff line joins AniCell's very successful acellular medical devices marketed under the EquusCell and CanisCell brands of Equine and Small Animal products. These products are derived from amnion collected non-invasively during the parturition of healthy baby foals and puppies.

"I used the AlloMatrix product on a 3 YO mare with a severed SDFT in a hind limb two months ago," says Dr. Mark Haugland, DVM, DACVS. "I checked her yesterday and she was sound at the walk. The fetlock joint was not dropped as it was prior to injection. The tendon felt firm and I was unable to palpate the defect as I could before. So far I am impressed with the result."

Dr. Lauren Schnabel DACVS, PhD, DACVSMR, veterinary surgeon and internationally recognized research scientist of stem cell therapies in horses at North Carolina State University said, "I have been extremely impressed with the StemWrap and AlloMatrix products for the treatment of complicated wounds, including those over joints and will be excited to try these new products in surgical applications.

AniCell's bioprocess engineer and research veterinarian, Dr. Moises Barcelo, DVM, PhD, has been very happy with the results being reported from his peers in the field regarding these treatments. "Veterinarians are treating superficial lacerations, suspensory lesions, tendon injuries, and ocular ulcers with our products and the reports and pictures are performing above our initial expectations."

"It has been a great first year for AniCell and we are excited to add the BioScaff line to our portfolio," says Brandon Ames, President and CEO. "The Team worked hard to deliver a 'human tested, animal approved' product that would support healing after surgery making a difference in our veterinarians' patients and helping to grow their practices by extending the ACTIVE life of animals."

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