“But he needs us.” my wife pleaded

“No way.” I pushed back

After all, we already had two

She’d begged me for one, 

so we rescued Maisie-Mae,

the subsequent love of my life,

the beautiful soul I didn’t know I needed

A year later, we took in Leo

The feisty furball for whom I weakened

My heart expanded once again

and somehow it didn’t break

In fact, it grew stronger

Then she queried a third

Clever woman, she broke me in like an old shoe

with plans for further expansion?

“He needs a home. He’s meek.”

“Not ours”

I was content

My days and nights warm and fuzzy

“If not us then who?” she begged

“No more.” I remained firm, stubborn

“Open that heart up just a little more…

…I know it’s what it’s capable of.”

I sighed as she flashed her puppy eyes

“I’m a weakling.”

“Quite the opposite.”

“Let’s take him home.”

“Our home.”

He bolted through the door,

meek no more, energy abound

“He’s a gremlin!” she shrieked 

“More like a Gizmo.” I smirked.


If you're planning on welcoming a new dog into your home, please consider adopting from your local shelter or rescue facility.




Raj Tawney is a writer, journalist, and poet who explores the relationship between human beings and nature from his multiracial perspective. His poems have been featured in The Iowa Review, San Francisco Chronicle, The New Humanitarian, and many other publications. He’s currently working on a memoir. Visit him at rajtawney.com