Dear folks at Hide-a-Squirrel,

Thank you for making one of the best dog toys of all time. I’ve seen these plush, squirrel-stuffed tree stumps at pet stores before but they didn’t particularly appeal to me as they always seemed too small to withstand Cash’s wrath. However, this year you came out with a jumbo one to commemorate your 10th year anniversary, and it is totally pawesome.

I thought the dogs would begin by first exploring the unknown toy to asses the damage they could cause, but instead they dove right in and began voraciously digging for evil squirrels to kill.

Mayhem ensued. Fluffy squirrel guts were scattered across my yard and squeakers were torn to pieces. While Cash focused on one nemesis, Roxy began hoarding her victims, bringing them inside one by one to hide in her bed for future play.

This devastation was all that was left.

If anyone else wants to see their dogs do wrong by these squirrels, you can buy your own jumbo Hide-a-Squirrel here. If your dogs are less savage than mine, you can find the regular-sized ones here.