Katie Cleary is not just another pretty face. The actress, filmmaker, and former America’s Next Top Model contestant is a deeply committed animal welfare activist. She founded the animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals, as well as the animal news network World Animal News (WAN) and produced the documentary Give Me Shelter, which premiered on Netflix in 2015 and dives into the world’s most important animal welfare issues and those who dedicate their lives to saving animals.

Her organization’s campaigns are focused on saving endangered species in Africa, Indonesia, and India, as well as the United States. They advocate for the plant-based movement and help farm sanctuaries save animals from slaughter. They also rescue and rehabilitate companion animals and help to pass laws that protect animals worldwide. We asked the inspiring Katie how she found her path and what dog lovers can do to help. 

Q: Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
A: I am a passionate, strong, independent woman who is a warrior for animals.

Q: What was the spark that led you to become involved in animal activism? 
A: It was a calling when I was a child. I always knew that speaking on behalf of the voiceless was my life’s mission. I began rescuing animals at a young age and knew that I wanted to help save and protect animals and start my own organization one day.


Q: What is your number one goal?
A: I have two goals. First is to mainstream animal welfare on a global scale through my news network, World Animal News, and be able to have the first ever animal news show on a major news network worldwide. I would also like to start the Peace 4 Animals rescue and rehabilitation center for endangered species in Kenya and focus on rescuing African elephants and rhinos.


Q: What are the three things you'd like to see dog lovers do to help animals?
A: I would love to see more people volunteer at their local shelters to help care for animals and to take photos of the animals and post them to social media so they can get more exposure and find a loving forever home. I would also love to see more people adopt not shop.