BioDOGradable has created a new generation bioplastic product in an effort to eliminate the use of trillions of plastic bags each year. Made with natural and renewable resources, bioDOGradable dog waste bags promote minimized environmental pollution and improved sustainability. Our mission is to support pet waste disposal efforts in the most eco-friendly approach that results in a positive momentum towards healing our planet. We strive to make a difference in the life you live, with the pets you love.

The foundation of our approach to nature’s needs stems from a professional knowledge and learning in sustainability and a continuous search for alternative, environmentally-friendly material sources and processes.

Derived from renewable resources, the bioDOGradable bag material benefits from the Vincotte “OK Compost” and “OK Compost Home” labels, which is in accordance to the European standard (EN 13432) for compostability in industrial composting installations and home garden compost heap.

After the use and responsible disposal, bioDOGradable bags are broken down by microorganisms. This process produces good quality humus, suitable for use in gardening or agriculture. It is a natural process for reusing waste.

Our passion for sustainability comes from our innermost care for the health of humans, pets, and the environment overall.

We define sustainability as the consistent enactment of awareness to reduce the consumption of natural resources and the production of waste at both the individual and organizational level while maintaining current and long-term economic prosperity alongside minimizing negative impacts on the environment and human health progressing towards a net positive outcome for the future.

Remember! Responsible disposal of pet waste is a sustainable act.