Seattle illustrator, Tina Fong, knows and loves dogs: their eternal loyalty and optimism, the companionship on a quiet hike in the woods, the warmth and comfort of a head rested on your leg or stomach… "I love to paint portraits of dogs, to catch that special look or tilt of the head. I want the result to be YOUR dog, the member of the family—a moment in time and a beautiful painting that will give you pleasure forever."

Each dog is special, each painting is special. Tina works from photos of your dog (as many as you can provide) to capture your best friend as you know him or her, to catch that unique floppy ear or way of sitting, those crossed paws…

"I've had clients tell me years later—'Oh, my wife still loves that painting, and looks at it and smiles every day.' That makes me so happy, it's what I want to hear. Combining two of my loves, painting and dogs—it doesn't get much better." 

Many sizes are available. Each painting is done in acrylic paint on canvas or wood, suitable for immediate hanging, no framing is required. Single dog portraits, for example a 10" x 10" size, start $250. Other sizes are available. (She also paints a lot of horse portraits, too.)

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