Ever since Blackie Chan came to live with us, he’s had an affinity for Cash. Actually, that’s understating it. He is absolutely obsessed with Cash. Following him around and trying to snuggle him is one thing, however he’s developed a strange behaviour that’s totally baffling us – he suckles on Cash.

One morning I woke to a very strange, squeaky sucking sound, which turned out to be Blackie Chan sucking on Cash’s tail. Gross, right? Well now he’s progressed to suckling at Cash’s non-existent teat, and Cash does not care for this AT ALL.

We’ll try to pull him off, or distract him with treats to get him to stop. We’ve even tried bringing him over to Roxy to see if he does this with her…

…but he does not. He’ll simply stare at Roxy, then slowly make his way back to Cash to snuggle in underneath his chest for a quick drink (of thin air, mind you).

Has anyone else experienced this? What can we do to stop it?