Offering cats and dogs optimal protection without the stress

More and more pet owners are moving away from the traditional cone which pets are forced to wear after operations or if they have skin problems. A professional alternative was truly needed. For this very reason Suitical International designed the “Recovery Suit”. The Recovery Suit is an animal friendly solution, which reduces stress and discomfort and above all helps in a quicker recovery.

Currently this protective suit is used worldwide and is recommended by veterinarians, pet lovers, physiotherapists and breeders alike. Due to the increased consumer demand, pet stores are also now stocking the recovery suit. “More and more owners are moving away from the ‘cone of shame’ and towards a more animal-friendly alternative”, says Melvin Kok, designer and CEO of Suitical International. “The suit is breathable and lightweight. Yet at the same time it protects wounds, bandages and areas of irritation. It can also be used when the animal is in heat or suffering from light incontinence. In contrast to the old-fashioned cone, the Recovery Suit offers freedom of movement and even looks cool.”

Suitable for a variety of purposes
The Recovery Suit can be used for a variety of purposes. “It doesn’t only protect wounds which the animal shouldn’t be able to get at, but also gives breeders more control over lactating females between nursing. In addition a sanitary towel or panty liner can be put into special pockets specially designed in the suit in case the animal is in heat or incontinent. Because you don’t want to keep running to the veterinarian for all those little ailments but don’t mind stopping off at the pet store, making the suits readily available in the pet stores seemed like the ideal solution.”

An optimal recovery
“Cats and dogs often feel uncomfortable and can suffer from stress after an operation or in the case of skin diseases. And wearing a cone makes it difficult for them to move around as well as to eat and drink. This makes them feel uncomfortable, which only increases their stress levels and physical discomfort”, Melvin explains. “How would you feel wearing a cone like that? The Recovery Suit offers just the right amount of protection for an optimal recovery without all that stress.”

A perfect fit
The suit has been developed in conjunction with veterinarians to fit the pets’ body shape and is available in different sizes and designs. “In this way it fits perfectly every time. In addition, it is easy to use, using the snaps near the base of the tail, which means that the suit can be kept on even when your pet goes outside.”