The Wet-Pet Towel by Raypet, A Division of Rayson Healthcare, is a super absorbent biodegradable pet towel made of 100% natural fiber.  The Wet-Pet Towel is both disposable and re-usable.  You will be amazed at the absorbency of the Wet-Pet Towel over bulky cotton towels and you won’t ever need to use the family towels again.  Just wring it out and continue drying, it’s that simple!  The We-Pet Towel may be recycled or composted and is a 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly product.  The Wet-Pet Towel is also very hygienic and soft to the touch.  All your furry friends will appreciate a gentle drying with the Wet-Pet Towel.  The Wet-Pet Towel is available in 2 sizes, and can be used on all types of animals, no matter the size or breed.  You will save energy, time, and $$$$$ by never laundering another cotton towel.  The Wet-Pet Towel is an ideal product for use by Groomers or Veterinarians; using the Wet-Pet towel to dry animals in these environments will eliminate cross contamination since the towel is disposable.  The compact size also makes this towel ideal for use in Mobile Grooming units.  The Wet-Pet Towel is the best choice for your pet and the environment.  Wet-Pet Towels are available online at or by calling 1.800.526.1526