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9 Pet-Friendly Ways To Tidy Up

Clean house, fresh finds!

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Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home, and that means cleaning! To help with your pet-related messes, we’ve rounded up some perfect products to help you clean up and get organized. Stylish bags to contain toys, hair removers, deodorizers, and the ever-important carpet cleaner—all ready to make cleaning up after your pup a breeze!


Both versatile and cute, the Goodies Bags from Be One Breed are ideal for stashing all your dogs necessities (they are seriously spacious). Whether used in the house for tidying or to tote your dog’s gear on-the-go, these eye-catching bags fuse style and function seamlessly!

Be One Breed

Clean Home all-purpose cleaner from Petbiotics uses the power of probiotics to eliminate stains and odours at the source. Pet-safe and biodegradable, the concentrated formula will fill 44 spray bottles!


Skout's Honor



Pet hair—it gets everywhere. Thankfully, Dyson’s V6 Absolute tackles pet hair in a whole new way! Ready to tackle both hard floors or carpet with its HEPA filtration that captures allergens and expels clean air, the wand also detaches for hand-held cleaning (perfect for those hard to reach spots).


We’re loving the way this Entryway bed from Sauder gives your dog a place to lounge while also conveniently storing pet essentials! Hang leashes on its hooks, and store treats, clothes, toys and more in the drawer of this naturally stunning dog bed! Organization made easy.




This pet friendly spray is your spot cleaning saviour! When accidents happen on your hardwood floors Bona Pet helps you clean up quick and leaves your floor looking lustrous.

Bona Pet



Perfect in its simplicity, Woodlore’s Cedar crate houses all of your pet’s toys and other belongings. A great way to de-clutter, it still allows your pet to access her favourite chew toy whenever she pleases. Bonus: the natural Cedar aroma repels insects, deodorizes, and smells great!



It may look unassuming, but Fur-Zoff‘s portable design is the ultimate in pet hair removal. With nothing to plug in, wear out or replace, Fur-Zoff collects pet hair from furniture, clothes, car interiors, carpets and bedding. It’s easy, affordable, and, best of all, it works!



Sometimes our pets like to leave us little surprises. Because surprises of this nature like to leave unwanted stains and odours, finding a suitable cleaner is a must! Shout’s Pro Strength Carpet Cleaner uses a heavy-duty formula to get out even the toughest of stains. You probably still won’t be thanking your pet, but you’re sure to forgive them sooner!



The last thing you want invading your home is unwanted pests! But pesticides are often toxic to your pets. With Midoricide you get a natural flea and tick repellent product that eliminates unwelcome houseguests with cedarwood, lemongrass and quillaja bark.Midoricide


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By: RC
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