1. Treat Yourself—Take some time give yourself something special. 

Photographer Christian Vieler captures dogs going in for a treat—see more here!


2. Get Your Beauty Rest—No matter how long it takes.


3. Do More Cardio—Get into fitness!

Photographer Nick Ridley catches dogs in action. See more here!


4. Make New Friends—Bella, the black lab, and Bubbles, the African elephant, formed a bond and share their love of swimming.

Read more about the pair here!


5. Drink More Water—Get hydrated!


6. Don't Be Afraid to Look a Little Silly


7. Make Time for Self-Care. Enjoy the finer things in life.


8. Get a Little Dirty—That's one satisfied pup!


9. Get back into music, like Beagle Buddy Mercury.

Watch the performance here!