Who doesn’t love an impromptu photo shoot with their pooch? We can’t resist snapping photos of our adorable best friends (the proof is in the photo stream), but that doesn’t mean they’re always willing to cooperate! The struggle (distracted dog, ruined picture) is real. Luckily, SqueakNSnap has created a very effective—and adorable—solution. All you have to do is plug the SqueakNSnap ($15) into the headset jack of your smart phone, open up your camera app, and squeeze the teddy bear-shaped squeaker now connected to your phone. The teddy squeaks, getting your dog's attention, and simultaneously causes your camera to take a photo, ensuring that you capture that perfect moment every time. 

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at these utterly adorable before and after pics. Say cheese!


The perfect pose! Biskit and Chai submitted by Sheela & Nayan


That smile though. Buttons the Corgi submitted by Aaron. Follow Buttons on Instagram @dailydoseofbuttonscorgi

"We love the SqueakNSnap! It allows us to capture moments where we may otherwise be unable to get Buttons attention. Buttons loves squeaky toys and this device really helps out in getting her attention! Thanks SqueakNSnap!!!"—Aaron

melanie korhn

The money shot. Ollie submitted by Melanie. Follow him on Instagram @omahaollie

"The SqueakNSnap is easy to use and works perfectly. It's simplicity made life easier when trying to take photos of my pup and it got his attention so well that he really wanted to play with it after taking photos! Thanks SqueakNSnap for a great invention that works so well."—Melanie


A dedicated model. Follow Leonardo the Corgi on Instagram @leonardothecorgi

"I don't always look at the camera, but when I do, it's because of the SqueakNSnap!"—Leonardo


I've done this before. Imus submitted by Jamie. 


Romance novel, anyone? Traci and her dogs Katana & Simba


This perfect pair submitted by Linda, who had this to say about SqueakNSnap: "I love this little teddy bear photo trigger. It's a magnet for my dogs [who] aren't sure if they should pose or eat it—it's that attention getting. I am able to get the dog and the puppy's attention at the same time for a bunch of really cute shots of them together. Plus I actually got an email from the owner of the company checking in to see if I had received the package and did I like it. Don't know about you, but that's the type of company I like doing business with."

Okay, we admit that these pups are pretty darn adorable no matter what, but the perfectly captured moments are downright frameable! Pet loving friends will be begging you for your secret.