5 Quick and Easy DIY Dog Costumes

dog in pineapple costume
5 Quick and Easy DIY Dog Costumes


Halloween is here and if you've suddenly realized that your dog is the only pup on the block without a costume, don't worry! Check out these 5 easy DIY costumes to transform your dog for the holiday!


1. Pineapple Dog Costume 

Just becasue summer is over doesn't mean your dog can't re-live those tropical vibes for Halloween. Check out Brit + Co's Pineapple Halloween pet costume and bring back the summer!


2. Bat Wing Dog Costume

This adorable bat wings harness costume by Martha Stewart makes scary cute in a few simple steps. Find the instructions here!


3. Flower Power Pup

Make your puppy the prettiest of the party with this fancy flower collar! Have a cat too? Check out Modern Cat's version of this DIY for matching pet pals!


4. Sushi Roll Dog 

Why not style your dog as a sushi roll this Halloween?! It's a little crazy but a lot of cute! Find out how to here.


5. Beanie Baby Plush Pooch 

Easily turn your dog into a lifesize version of this 90's plushie classic with just some double sided carboard and crayons! Simply draw and cut out a heart on folded card, colour in and attach to your dogs collar or on a ribbon. Make it personalized (and even cuter) by using the inside description to match your dogs date of birth or gotcha day and personality. Alternatively download this template here. (Image: @kodathesamoyed)


Comment on your fave Halloween DIY and don't forget to check out our tips on keeping your pet safe this Halloween


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